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Adding Students

Click Students in the top navigation bar. This takes you to a list of all students within your organization. You may click "Manage" to view or edit an existing student's information or click "ADD NEW" in the left column to create a new student. 

Manually adding a student to a course is a three step process. First click the "PROGRAMS" tab. Then choose which program(s) you would like to assign the student to and change their status to "Accessible." Then change the student's Program Status to "Active." (This will allow the student to log-in once you have added them to course(s). Be sure to click "SAVE CHANGES". 

The final step in manually adding a student to a course is to click the "PROGRAMS" tab in the main nav, and navigate down to an individual course. Then click "STUDENTS" in the left column. Click "EDIT" to add a student to an existing course section or "Create Section" to create a new one. Sections are merely "groups" of students within a course. You may create as many course sections as you like. 

Use the drop down menu and "ADD STUDENT(s)" button to add as many students to a course section as you like. Then click "SAVE CHANGES."