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Building Courses

 Click the "PROGRAMS" tab in the top navigation bar, then select a program or click "CREATE" to make a new one. Programs are organizational "containers" for your courses you may use as many as you like and place as many courses in a specific program as you like. 

Now click to select a course or click "Create New Course" to create a new one. Cloning a course will create an identical  duplicate of an existing course's content but not carry over the original courses students. 

Select "CONTENT" on the left navigation bar. Click "EDIT" to build or modify the structure of your course. Or use the + / - icons to expand or collapse menus and click the links (such as "Introduction" in this example) to visit specific pages in your course. 

Create modules or lectures (folders for organizing your pages). Use the up/down icons on the left to drag and re-arrange modules, lectures or pages. Just be sure to click "SAVE CHANGES" on the right column of each module, lecture or page you create and click "SAVE CHANGES" at the top of the page when finished. 

Above you can see the interface for building or changing a specific page. Add as many elements to a page as you like. Click the "PAGE SETTINGS" link on the left navigation to add an instructor to a page or change it's settings so that elements either animate on-page in-sequence or appear all at once. You may also click the element type icon (on the left of each element) to drag the elements up or down to order their appearance vertically on a page.