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New Century Health is a leading innovator of quality and cost management programs for oncology & cardiology. They are expanding rapidly on a national level and came to OpenBook with an urgent need for a way to train their regional providers online. Their requirements were very specific, to run our platform locally on their internal servers and connect OpenBook to their existing provider CRM database via a custom API. We also leveraged Single Sign On to give course graduates direct, logged-in status to New Century Health's Provider Portal Software. Working with New Century Health’s in-house technical team we customized and launched the solution in less than two months. New Century Health has now used OpenBook software to train over 8,000 providers and staff members nationwide. 

 "OpenBook’s team has been responsive,
 technically skilled and a pleasure to work with from day one."  
Thomas Kirven;
 Solutions Manager New Century Health


OpenBook was first created for CSU Fullerton’s Center for Successful Aging certification program. CSA presented a highly complicated set of educational needs including a high volume course with 400+ pages of online content, audio, video, multiple instructors and course integration with real-world “offline” workshop events. After researching the latest in both enterprise and open source online learning management solutions, none proved a great fit. So, working alongside the university we built our own. One critical challenge in this context was ensuring appropriate student pacing through their course prior to on-site events. Other challenges included managing on-site event scheduling, communicating with targeted groups of students and easily updating course content to reflect changes in legislation or new techniques and technologies. OpenBook served as an effective solution for all of the above. 

“We have been using the OpenBook platform to deliver a balance and mobility specialist instructor certificate program at the Center for Successful Aging and have been very pleased. When we needed to update our learning platform we made the switch to OpenBook because of it’s ease of use for both students and administrators. OpenBook provides us with a seamless process for students from the application for enrollment through the video case studies and final exam. We have appreciated the ability to customize the look and branding information, the clean user interface, and the ease-of-use for our administrators. Being able to quickly and easily update learning components, including content such as videos, images, quizzes and exams, was a critical requirement that OpenBook has delivered. In the year since we transitioned to OpenBook, the platform has been problem-free for our students.”

Karen Schlieter, MBA, MS,
Assistant Program Director
Balance & Mobility Specialist Instructor Certificate Program


CaCHE is spear heading a global movement to make higher education accessible to students worldwide and they are doing it through a network of partnerships with universities, churches, local communities and NGOs. The organization is primarily focused on students in regions where this level of education is largely inaccessible. OpenBook has served as the platform for CaCHE's online learning course development and delivery. Our partnership with this exceptional organization has given us the opportunity to explore learning technologies for students across a wide range of geographic, socio-economic and educational contexts.

“When it comes to choosing an online learning platform, the possibilities are endless. However, what’s important for churches and non-profits to consider is the quality of service and relationship that accompanies the online learning system they have chosen. OpenBook delivers on this front unlike any other platform out there. Brian Giboney, CEO of OpenBook, and his team are committed to the clients they serve and, most of all, Brian strives to keep the greater Kingdom mission at the forefront of what he does. Not only will you find that OpenBook provides a robust e-learning platform that integrates a user-friendly student, instructor, and administrator experience, but most importantly, you will find a like-minded organization that is motivated by the same Kingdom values that drive your ministry.”

Amanda Sanchez, 
Director of Development, CaCHE