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Program and Course Structures

When getting started in OpenBook on of the most critical concepts is learning the platform's org structure. The easiest way to think of it is as two levels. At the top level are programs and courses. 



Programs are simply organizational containers or "folders" containing courses. Programs have less to do with student experience and are more about making it easier for administrators to organize courses into groups and manage student access to groups of courses. 


In OpenBook the term "courses" refers to course content. Each course must also contain at least one "section" or group of students which have been granted access to that course (and it's content) 

COURSE LEVEL STRUCTURE: Module > Lecture > Page

Within each course there is a three-tier organizational structure, Module > Lecture > Page. Modules and lectures are merely organizational "folders" for administrators to make it easier for building high-volume courses. For students, the titles for modules and lectures will only appear on:
• The breadcrumb trail on each course page
  (orienting the student to where they are in a course) 
• The course "Review" page which allows students to review course pages
  which they have already completed