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Using the Automated Animation Feature

This setting will force on-page elements to animate automatically (in-order from top to bottom) without the student having to click. There are two methods of using this feature:

FIXED TIME INTERVAL (between each element)

This is controlled in "page settings" If you set this number to say “4 seconds” there will be a 4 second delay between each element animating onto the page. NOTE: To use this feature once you are back in your "page content" editor be sure to open the first (top) element on the page and manually adjust the interval from say “4 seconds” down to 1 second. (so that students will not have to wait 4 seconds for the first element to appear)

VARIABLE TIME INTERVAL (between each element)

In "page settings" leave the default value of 1 second. Then in your "page content" editor you may adjust the time interval (in seconds) between each element. This value controls the amount of time between the element you are adjusting and the element immediately prior (above).

SYNCING ANIMATION WITH AUDIO(between each element)

The best way to accomplish this is to keep your audio files short (2 minutes or less is ideal)
1. In page settings: select “automated” and leave the default value 1 second
2. In page content: Create an element with your audio file and, below that, create an element for each text or image you would like to animate.
3. In your audio element, use the preview player and time scrubbing feature to take note of various time intervals within the audio track you would like an element to animate on-screen.
element 2 - animates in on audio at 6 second mark
element 3 - animates in on audio 9 seconds after that (15 second mark)
element 4 - animates in on audio at 21 seconds after that (30 second mark)

4.Enter the time delay interval for each element
Example :
element 2: 6 seconds + 3 = 9 seconds
(IMPORTANT: add 3 to the element directly below your audio)
element 3 - 9 seconds
element 4 - 21 seconds


Finally save, preview and then fine-tune your time intervals.

NOTE: you may opt to use the "auto-play" feature for your audio element, HOWEVER this is not supported by most mobile devices and will only work on desktop / laptops. If you would like your course to be mobile responsive then do NOT use the auto play feature. To ensure your students a seamless experience you might opt to include an intro page that says "The following pages are automated, as soon as you see the audio file appear on-screen simply click the "play" icon.